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Anyone still interested in being a beta reader? 

5 deviants said Thanks in advance to those that volunteer though :3
1 deviant said Just need a skype name so I can put you in a group
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Sorry I haven't updated BxB in a while. I've been going through a lot of stress and been pretty busy since being brought on as secretary for a convention. I'm really missing being able to write, especially when I was up to such an important section. =_=
More weeb reviews, so here we go.

Bakuon: Cute girls do cute things... on motorcycles! That's seriously it. Bunch of girls in a motorbike club and they ride motorbikes. 

Bungou Stray Dogs: A kid is picked up by special detective agency run by people with supernatural abilities. Doesn't feel all that unique, but these sorts of series are usually popular anyway.

Hundred: It's called Hundred because you've already seen a hundred shows like it, lol. Another school series where people can summon weapons thing. 

Joker Game: Set before WWII in a secret training facility for spies. Seems to be about the spies playing mind games in order to succeed and catch other spies. Could be good.

Seisen Cerberus: A young man swears to kill a dragon that killed his parents, but it seems as though he's linked to it at the same time. Kinda generic fantasy stuff that doesn't stand out. =/

Sousei no Onmyouji: Boy that doesn't want to be an exorcist any longer is paired up with a girl that wants to become the best exorcist. I've already forgotten most of the first episode. 
It's a new anime season, so let me annoy you every couple of days with a mini set of first ep reviews. 

Boku no Hero Academia: A young man without a special power of his own yearns to become a superhero. It's super shonen material, but everyone is super animated and super over the top. Did I mention the protag wants to be a superhero? 

Endride: I feel like I'm watching Arata Kangatari all over again, so kind of a shame. Your typical teenage boy falls into another world deal and has special powers thanks to a magic rock and instantly gets a rival deal. =/ 

Ace Attorney: Wish they'd done this earlier, but it doesn't really seem all that special now that the games have been out for so long. The first episode didn't seem all that special either - more like they copied the game shot for shot on the first case. 

Kuma Miko: A girl and a bear live in a shrine in the mountains. People question their relationship. 10/10 

Macross Delta: Time to fill up my anime song folder again with like a hundred Macross songs. Space idols fighting aliens through the power of song is always neat. Dancing plane-mechs is cool too.

Mayoiga: Something about people trying to run away to some hidden village. There's a lot of characters. Like seriously, there's over 30. I have no idea where it's going. 

Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Even though it's another "I got stuck in a fantasy world" deals, this has an extra layer of intrigue and mystery on top which make it worth it. Won't spoil the premise or else it'll make the first episode lacklustre. Has a little bit of the same humour as last season's KonoSuba, but the animation is far better. =P

Uchuu Patrol Luluco: It's Trigger. If you love Kill la Kill you'll like this too. 
Oh gosh, I seriously had to do a double take just then. Whoever gave me that three month membership, thank you!!!! Thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3
Saw Kung Fu Panda 3 :D

8/10: It took them 9 years and three movies to explain why a tortoise picked a panda to be a kung fu hero... and I'm okay with that. 
Got tagged by :iconlamentedguide:

EDIT: And by :iconraycchan: because she likes to cause me suffering apparently.

1. Post 8 facts about your character
2. Tag 8 characters and their creators
3. Post the characters names and their creator's avatars.

Think pretty much everyone I would tag has already been tagged anyway XD So I'll skip.

8 Facts for Eva

1. Eva is sort of like a weird evolution of a character I had from my very first Platinum nuzlocke run called Ava. 

2. Ava was originally kind of like a silent but quirky and innocent character that was being manipulated into fighting off Team Galactic, and her encounters with them eventually led to her losing an eye and undergoing a dramatic change as a result. This version of her eventually led to the creation of Evangeline Hollows.

3. Eva's character was also heavily influenced by Gintoki from Gintama, who went through a war and came out seemingly apathetic on the surface, but still carries a lot of scars with him which heavily influence his actions and thoughts. I kind of wanted a character like that who never really got to experience a childhood, so in quite a few ways they were forced to grow up early on but at the same time haven't really grown up at all. I think Eva's childishness at times is what makes her likeable. 

4. If she had a Pokemon nature, Eva's would be Hardy and "capable of taking hits".

5. It's kind of running joke with Eva's character that she can't really do anything cool without getting hurt as a result. 

6. Eva's heritage is Russian/Japanese. As a child she had black hair, but due to a certain incident it ended up lighter. She'd dye it back again, but it'd cost money and she's too lazy to learn how to apply hair dye herself. Also, she'd probably end up looking like Ray and we can't have character design overlap like that or else people will get confused :U

7. Eva's eyes were red simply because I thought it was cool... :B 

8. Nobody is quite sure of Eva's exact age except it's at least in her mid-to-late 20s. This is only because I'm crap at timeline stuff and didn't want to create any plot holes concerning the time frame of many events. 

8 Facts for Herc and Tsukuyo

1. Herc is a rare Squirtle/Lapras hybrid. Hybrids in the BxB world are rare due to a lot of genetic abnormalities which make them susceptible to disease and also carry a huge risk with them for evolution. Herc was quite sick as a baby and was expected to die, which is why Eva became his adoptive mother and nursed him back to health. 

2. Since he was adopted, Herc's full name is Hercules Hollows, though Eva sometimes throws in a random middle name starting with H when scolding him because she wants it to sound more serious. She was very against the idea of Herc giving himself her surname at the start, but eventually gave up and let him do what he wanted since he's a spoiled baby. 

3. Tsukky is obviously named after the character from Gintama, however her design was influenced quite heavily by Akatsuki from Log Horizon. The idea of a petite ninja was really appealing to me. Tsukky's personality is nothing like either of them though. XD

4. Tsukky and Herc have a rather one-way relationship, since Herc thinks Tsukky is a top classy lady and Tsukky thinks Herc is a loud-mouthed momma's boy (he is in a lot of ways). Secretly she's just a little bit jealous of Herc and Eva's relationship though. 

5. Herc's best childhood friend is a Charmander named Iksel. The two of them secretly trained together behind Eva's back so Herc would be strong enough to join her one day. Iksel was also the one which taught Herc what the "Pidgey and the Beedrill" was all about, much to Eva's irritation. Herc doesn't think it's such a big deal because he's 3 now and that's heaps old enough to know about that stuff.

6. Tsukky is extremely hard to frighten, which may be part of the reason her Blaziken friend Teresa likes her so much (she's terrified of ghosts herself since she doesn't have the type advantage). If Tsukky ever did scary Let's Plays though, people would probably find her extremely boring. 

7. Herc really admires a Blastoise called Atlas, which was Eva's first Pokemon. He used to hear stories about him from Eva a lot, which is what spurred him to ask Iksel to help train with him. 

8. Tsukky is approximately one and half, so spent at least a year by herself waiting for a trainer to pick her. She had about 15 siblings who were all picked up quite early, which affected her perception of herself quite heavily. She won't admit it to anyone, but she was actually really happy that Eva wanted her.

Done~ Feel free to tag yourself in this if you'd like! 


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