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I might be in need of a couple beta readers in the future 

3 deviants said I'll ask in the future if anyone wants to sign up for real
3 deviants said Tell me if you're interested though!
1 deviant said Mostly just to read over the plot I've got, not chapters
No deviants said Won't be right now, just putting this out there


Simplified Rules:
-List 10 facts about yourself
-Answer 10 questions from the person who tagged you
-Make 10 questions
-Tag 10 people (gonna refrain from this since I'm not good at the taggings)

Tagged by: :iconraycchan: (Thaaaannnnkssss, Raaaaay =_= )

10 Facts:

1) My current username is like a slow evolution of a username I used to have when I played Neopets like 15+ years ago. It started off as Random_Joy because I used to just send random items to people. I also used to have a comic series in the Neopian Times for a while... and I sorta kinda ended up invoking a rule about no custom pets in comics, because apparently my comic was causing the staff to get overwhelmed with emails about how they could get custom pets or something (sorrrrry!!).

2) I'm really forgetful about a lot of stuff. =_=;; I forget what sort of stuff I'm forgetful about though... so please forgive me if I ever do forget anything.

3) I got my gallbladder out this year. The surgeons seemed kind of excited over my case because it had gotten really bad due to being forced to wait for a year. They said I was really lucky it didn't explode... 

4) My favourite video games are from the Atelier series - a JRPG where you play as an alchemist, create your own gear and go on adventures with a party. The characters in them are always really pretty and I love the way they take the 2D art of the characters and turn them 3D. 

5) My brother and I look nothing alike, so people would often ask which one of us was adopted when we were young. 

6) I once had a really cool idea for a novel involving people who could manipulate different elements and there was a god-like sort of person who could use all the elements. Then Avatar: The Last Airbender came out. D: I still haven't properly watched the series to this day out of spite.

7) A rather well-known cosplayer once left me standing on top of a hill in the middle of winter to hold onto one of their giant props because the wind was blowing so strongly. I'd given my jacket to one of the other cosplayers because they barely had anything on, so I was freezing. When the cosplayer was finished with their photoshoot, they told me they didn't want the prop any more and just left it on top of the hill. =_= I don't know what happened to it, but I was so annoyed I stormed off. 

8) I used to live in the middle of a valley that had a lot of animals. There was a feral sheep that was used to act like a cat when you were facing it and would like to get lots of pats and cuddles, but as soon as you turned your back to it, it'd try to ram you. We also had a carpet snake that had something of a mythical status living on the property. We'd never see it, but it'd take care of all the rats and possums that would try to take up residence in our roof. One day we caught it on top of the toilet in the shed and had to get someone from a wildlife park to remove it. The guy thought we were exaggerating about how big it was and went in with a tiny bag. He came out quickly afterwards and told us "I think I need a bigger bag". I didn't get the reference until a few years later.

9) I once spent a few weeks living in an empty house by myself during high school so I could finish my exams. Some friends took me in for a month after that luckily until I could move back to my parent's place.

10) I've always really loved horror movies. It's taken me a while to try and train myself to watch horror movies and actually get scared though because my dad always let me watch scary stuff even when I was little. I remember watching Alien and The Candyman when I was like 6. 

10 Questions:

1. What's your favourite video game?
2. Do you prefer savoury or sweet foods?
3. Tea, or coffee or something different?
4. Do you have any hobbies?
5. What's the best part about your hobby?
6. Do you like anime? 
7. If you do like anime, what's your favourite genre?
8. Love horror movies, or can't watch them?
9. Pineapples on burgers?
10. Would you rather an e-book or a physical book?

10 Answers:

1. If you suddenly woke up and you were the opposite gender what would you do? 
I think I'd freak out.

2. If you could change your country of birth, where would you change it to and why? (Or if you wouldn't change it, that's fine too.)
I dunno actually... Maybe the Netherlands since my dad's from there.

3. Many of my watchers are pokefans (I assume) so... if pokemon were real, would you eat them?
I guess I would. I like eggs.

4. Tell us about your weirdest dreams. :]
I can still remember one I had like 15 years ago or something about getting chased around a tunnel maze by Sesame Street characters. =_=;;;; Usually I forget all my dreams really easily, so it's weird that I remember that one.

5. What do you do when you're in the lift with a bunch of strangers? (I mean, lifts are so awkward...)
Try not to make any noises that could be misconstrued as farting. I don't really have any lifts in my town though.

6. This one is cliche but... what's your fondest/most traumatising childhood memory?
Most traumatising was almost getting drowned by my own friends when I tried to save them from getting sucked out to sea by a rip. D:

7. If you could meet any DA person in real life, who'd you want to meet up with and why? (You can name a bunch! : D)
Raycchan for sure because I know she's always wanted to go an anime convention, but doesn't want to go alone. >w<

8. If you were a character in a manga/anime, what would your character stereotypes be?

9. What's your view on traditional art vs digital art?
Both are good. =w= I have a lot of friends who are good at traditional art and I'm super jealous.

10. Where are you from? Give us your best local accent! XD (This is not meant to be racist, ok?) 

Done at last~ If you'd like to try this yourself, then just steal it.



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:bulletblue: Name: RaineyJ (aka RJ)
:bulletgreen: Age: Christmas Cake
:bulletblue: Location: Australia
:bulletgreen: Hobbies: Photography, writing, cosplay, drawing
:bulletblue: Likes: Sweets, hugs, flowers, pretty things, awesome stuff

Current Residence: Australia
Favourite genre of music: Rock, J-Pop/Rock, Ska
Favourite style of art: I love all art~ Doesn't mean I'm good at it though...
Favourite anime: Astro Boy & Pretty Cure


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